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Sunday, September 19

Our Vacation to the Majestic Redwoods and Stops Along the Pacific Coast Highway

 Whew! Finally back from vacation and boy what a fantastic trip this was!

Thanks to all for your patience in receiving your Corn Warmerz Microwavable Heating Pads while we were vacationing.

Gosh, where do I begin? The Pacific Coast Highway is where the beauty really began on our trip.

Where the ocean meets the forest.

It's hard not to stop every few miles for photos and to soak up all of the beauty, but the trip must go on!

Above is Patrick's Point, also located along the PCH. Magnificent views!  What's great about this trip was the coastal access. You can actually stop at all of these beautiful places along the way.

The kids really enjoyed the sea lions at Monterey. These little boogers kept us up all night with their unique barking noises. I won't dare complain though, it was the coolest thing.

Oh my! The Redwood Forest was a stunner!

This tree measured 63' around the perimeter!
The Smith River

Although the coast and the beaches were beautiful, the most amazing feeling overwhelmed me when we arrived at the majestic Redwood Forest! None of the pictures above can ever tell the story of the peacefulness and serenity of this amazing land. The trails were just gorgeous, serene and full of thriving ferns. I truly felt like I was on another planet. Unbelievable!!

A fawn crossing the creek

Wild elk near Ukiah
A spider's web glimmering in the light of the sun.
More wild elk

Above are some of the creatures we encountered along the way. Thank goodness there are no bear photos here (I was terrified when they made us store our food and scented items in the bear boxes)!

Well, I certainly hope you have enjoyed these photos but the real magic happens when you are able to smell and see the natural beauty of these places. We will be back!

Oh and by the way, for all you campers out there, our Corn Warmerz are ideal for camping trips! We used them to stay warm in the RV while sleeping (some campsites don't allow you to run your generators late at night). We also used them to sit by the campfire on cool nights. Definitely a must have on your next camping trip!


  1. I love the photos! I'm going to use one of them and paint it ok? Now you understand why I love the redwood forest! It's one of the most spiritual places I've ever been to!

  2. I recently drove up a bit of the coast myself for the first time. The views are amazing... thanks for sharing those so I can relive my great memories too!

    What a nice trip you had,,,the redwood forest looks great too :)

    Thanks for sharing your WW


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